Orientation and specialised attention to population for drug use

The aim of the service is to give attention to all those consumers (adults, young people and adolescents) who need guidance or consider health aspects of their consumption with specialists. The principles of attention are those that inspire the philosophy of Energy Control: absence of moral judgment and respect for the person as the protagonist of their decisions.

We also pay attention to all those who at a given moment of their consumption realize that they have difficulties for their management, they begin to experience annoying symptoms and a negative impact on other areas of their lives (affective-emotional, interpersonal relationships, work problems, couples, relatives). In these cases, it is important to evaluate the real situation with specialists as soon as possible, to take measures and begin a therapeutic work that addresses in a comprehensive way, the aspects that are motivating and influencing the behavior of problematic consumption and its maintenance.

Need for guidance and / or resolve doubts regarding consumption and / or substances.

Attention to physical or mental health problems related to the use of substances (which appear during or after consumption).

– The appearance of “strange ideas” or bad feelings every time you consume.

– Intense aftertaste.

– “Bad experiences” the last times you’ve consumed.

– Sensation of anguish, insecurity, mistrust towards others when you consume.

– “Annoying symptoms (anxiety, depression or others mentioned above) that persist for days or weeks later” in spite of not being consumed at that time.

Attention for loss of control of the consumption of a substance

– Feeling to consume each time you leave without being able to enjoy other ways or leave the habit during a season.

– Consumptions that occur more repeatedly and occupy more areas of your life.

Attention in Addictions

– Council for non-problematic use of drugs and recreational use.

– Medical advice on the responsible use of anabolizers.

– Diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of addictive pathologies.

– Medical and psychological reports.

– Medical-legal expertise.

Attention “Chemsex”

There is a growing tendency in people with homosexual orientation, to participate in a leisure style that involves sexual encounters with several people, while consuming different drugs. This practice carries high risks if you do not take adequate measures: “sex with protection” and “well-managed consumption” of medication. We are seeing more and more cases of people with difficulties in managing these practices with the risks of HIV infection or other MTS and problematic drug addiction or management.