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We are a non-profit organisation that, for more than 40 years, has been working to reduce inequalities as well as social and sanitary vulnerability. Through a wide network of services and programmes, we intervene in different areas of social action, such as care for drug addiction, mental health, childhood, family, gender equality, dependency, intellectual disability, poverty and social exclusion.

A year of success and progress

  1. Consolidation of our leadership in the public drug addiction care network
  2. Reinforcement of care services for victims of gender-based violence
  3. Extension of the coverage of child and family care services
  4. Promotion of social innovation in the field of dependency and intellectual disability
  5. Multiplication of resources to fight poverty and social exclusion
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Why do we do what we do?

Find out at the new ABD video. An inspiration and informative decalogue made with the participation of professionals, users and volunteers.

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Urban agroecology initiative that seeks to improve the social and labor inclusion of people in drug addiction treatment.

Network of volunteers committed to the fight against energy poverty and its effects on the well-being of people in vulnerable situations.

Community social inclusion project that combines job placement, social support and accompaniment, and community participation.

Our causes

We believe in a fair society which eradicates inequalities and social exclusion. Where every family and children have the same opportunities, where women and men can live in real equality, and the elderly and dependent people or those with functional diversity may have a dignified life.

We believe in a future in which the young -and the not so young- use drugs in a conscious and critical way, where there are no evictions and the right to housing is respected, but also the right of asylum; we wish to host migrants and refugees so that all of us can live with equal opportunities, regardless of our cultural background.

Entity with international certification of achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

The ABD Welfare and Development Association is one of the first entities of the third social sector that has received the certification of achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals granted by the International Federation of Global & Green Information Communication Technology (IFGICT).

We met the 49 goals marked as mandatory, and we also reached 29 non-mandatory goals, so we reached 78 of the 169 goals of the SDGs.

This certification represents a reinforcement of the commitment of the Welfare and Development Association to align with the UN SDGs.

We defend the rights of people

We guard the quality of people life, equality, and rights… All this for our rights.

2023 Annual Report and Social Balance


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