Drugs and health

The existence and use of drugs is an indisputable reality. Nowadays, more than 80 million people in Europe have tried illegal drugs. However, this figure excludes legal drugs such as alcohol, tobacco and sedatives, whose use is much broader.

Using them does not necessarily pose problems, since not all forms of use have the same risks.

Our Response

Our interventions depend on how people use drugs and in which context. We offer personalised treatments, preventive and harm reduction programmes for consumers, as well as, risk reduction programmes for young people who use drugs recreationally.

We promote their consumption in a conscious and informed way and defend the right to health care and social inclusion for people with addictions.

Right to

We take action to reduce harm in problematic or addictive consumption. We offer a comprehensive treatment for people who suffer addictions.

Right to an informed choice

We raise preventive awareness among young people and their environment. We inform recreational users about pleasure management and potential risks.

Right to prevention

Support and family guidance. Community involvement.

Commitment with scientific knowledge

We are world leaders in substance analysis. We promote national and international meetings to share new trends and patterns. We contribute to the creation of a network to improve the knowledge on drug use.

“The social inclusion of people with addictions is everyone’s task, when you listen and support them, gratitude is reciprocal.”

Centre d’Atenció i Seguiment a les Drogodependències Baluard.

“We analyse substances and issue public warnings in order to deny rumors: an informed choice is a right.”

Drug and substances analysis at Energy Control.


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