SEPASM, a specialized service for the promotion and care of mental health

In the service you will find a multidisciplinary team that will work together and according to the needs of the people served.

This service is provided in person in Madrid and Barcelona and also in online format through video call sessions and / or telephone assistance. The inclusion of the gender perspective is transversal to the entity and in the work in this service.

Contact: [email protected] / Telephone 677 541 518

The service aims to promote mental health from a preventive, community and multidisciplinary approach that facilitates changes in those people who present difficulties in their biopsychosocial functioning. These people will be cared for and accompanied throughout their therapeutic process, in order to improve their problems and make a better quality of life possible.

In the service you will find a team of professionals who will facilitate an individual, intrafamily and / or group therapeutic space, in which to address situations of risk or conflict that may cause a deterioration of the physical and emotional well-being of people.

Receiving specialized professional care in the initial moments of discomfort is crucial and prevents greater difficulties in the future, making both the evolution and the probability of success and solving problems greater.

Carrying out therapeutic work allows us to better understand our potential and create the necessary tools to solve different problems with oneself and with others. These types of difficulties, which we attend to in our service, are reflected in a wide variety of ailments related to:


  • Behavior problems
  • ADHD
  • Problems with toilet training
  • School failure
  • Sleep problems


  • Impulse control
  • Problematic consumptions
  • Eating problems or unhealthy eating habits
  • School failure
  • Bullying
  • Technology abuse (mobile, social networks, video games)


  • Difficulties in the couple’s relationship
  • Accompaniment and therapeutic approach after a separation, a divorce


  • Difficulties in the family relationship of parents and children
  • Conflicts with other family members


  • Difficulties in emotional management: anxiety, stress, depression, etc.
  • Difficult situations in life: conflicts with other people, chronic or unknown diseases, elaborating / processing grief for the loss of loved ones, etc.
  • Eating problems or unhealthy eating habits.
  • Difficulties in social relationships: emotional dependence, loneliness, conflicts, complexes, envy, lack of trust in others, rejection, etc.
  • Difficulty having affective relationships: starting and maintaining a committed relationship with a person, instability in couple relationships, etc.
  • Difficulty in sexual relations: alterations in the pleasant experience of sexual intercourse.
  • Difficulties in sensations and relationship with oneself: low self-esteem and personal value, fears, insecurities, distrust, impulse control, etc.
  • Problematic drug use: alcohol, tobacco, abuse of tranquilizers / sleeping drugs and other illegal drugs (cannabis, cocaine, amphetamines or other psychoactive substances), etc.
  • Difficulties in performance or cognitive functioning: problems with attention, memory, etc.


The objective of this service is to give attention to all those consumers (adults, young people and adolescents) who need guidance and / or treatment in relation to their drug use, their risk practices in a chemsex context and the abusive use of new drugs. technologies. Also to those who need support, even though they are not consumers, because they have close people in a difficult relationship with abuse or abuse.

The inclusion of the gender perspective is transversal to the entity and in the work in this service.

The principles that guide our attention are those considered by our entity (ABD) and by the Energy Control (EC) project, as those essential for a work and respectful treatment for / with drug users or non-drug users and technology users: absence of moral judgments and respect for the person as the protagonist of their decisions.

This service is provided in person at the Madrid headquarters and also in online format through video call sessions.


Guidance or personalized advice to:

Any doubt or need for information or professional assessment, regarding consumption

of drugs and / or, everything related to substances.

The appearance of physical or mental health problems related to the consumption of

substances (that appear during or after consumption):

  • Feeling of “being too scratchy” every time you consume.
  • Very intense “dips” after consumption.
  • “Bad experiences” in the last times you have used.
  • Feeling of “restlessness, insecurity, distrust” towards other people when you consume.
  • “Annoying symptoms (anxiety, depression or others mentioned above) that they persist days or weeks later ”despite not being consuming on those days.

Loss of control of the consumption of a substance:

  • Feeling of consuming whenever you leave, without being able to enjoy in other ways, or without to be able to kick the habit for a while.
  • Consumptions that occur more and more repetitively and occupy more measure areas of your life.

Information, advice or personalized assessment in relation to chemsex:

  • Need for information and guidance for managing consumption and sex with less risk.
  • Assessment of the personal situation, to know whether or not you are having a problem.
  • Information, advice or personalized assessment in relation to the abusive use of technologies:

Know appropriate and lower-risk uses of technologies.

Assess in a personalized way whether or not you are having a problematic relationship with the use of them.


Attention to all those people who at a certain moment of its consumption / use realize they have difficulties in managing it, begin to experience annoying symptoms and have a negative impact on other areas of their life (affective-emotional, interpersonal relationships , work / academic, relationship, family problems).

In these cases, it is important to go to assess the real situation as soon as possible, to take measures and begin a therapeutic work, which comprehensively addresses (taking into account the person in all his facets and areas) those aspects that are motivating and influencing the problematic consumption / use behavior and its maintenance.

In this therapeutic work you will find:

Comprehensive care in substance addictions:

  • With a multidisciplinary team that will attend according to the needs of the person and that will coordinate, if necessary, with the professionals who are linked to the work with them.
  • Considering problematic substance use as the visible symptom, underlying other not so visible symptoms or discomforts, which are equally or more important, and which influence and determine the difficult relationship that the person establishes with the substance. Therefore, all of them will be worked on, as they are influencing the integral functioning of the person in their different areas.
  • Providing information and advice for an unproblematic drug use, from a risk reduction perspective.
  • Respecting the decisions of the person and adapting to their rhythm and expectations.
  • Considering as treatment objectives those set by the person, whether or not they are abstinence from substances.
  • Being able to request treatment reports.

Comprehensive attention to problems within the “Chemsex” context:

  • For those people who are having difficulties in the joint management of drug use and risky sexual practices, together with the use of geolocation apps.
  • Carrying out comprehensive care with the same characteristics previously exposed in the work on substance addictions.

Comprehensive care in relation to the abusive use of new technologies:

  • For those people who use technologies and who are having difficulties with them in other areas of their life.
  • Carrying out comprehensive care with the same characteristics previously exposed in the work on substance addictions.


Medical and psychological counseling service for mental health in Madrid.



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