Crisscross presents a study with recommendations to prevent gender-based violence in nightlife venues

A new study, developed in the framework of the CRISSCROSS project, reflects on gender-based violence and harassment in nightlife settings. The report, based on a qualitative analysis with a gender perspective, identifies stereotypes and experiences of violence, both transversal and specific, suffered by young people in these spaces.

Comprehensive methodology

The research was carried out using a comprehensive methodology, combining focus groups, interviews and documentary analysis. This made it possible to combine the intervention priorities of young people and professionals with existing good practices and scientific evidence. In this way, relevant results were obtained for the design of more efficient intervention and training models for the prevention of violence in leisure spaces.

Participatory approaches

The study highlights the importance of using participatory approaches and multi-component models to tailor interventions to the characteristics of specific target groups and contexts. This perspective seeks to promote responsiveness to diversity and to include all relevant parties in a collaborative process of learning and reference.

Actions recommendations

The report sets out the 10 best practices and recommendations identified from the documentary analysis. The same categories of practices were identified in the focus groups and interviews. Among them, initiatives that promote active intervention of the environment, training of nightlife staff, or the implementation of protocols at local or venue level are highlighted.

Preventing and responding to gender-based violence

The results of this study will contribute to the design of training and pilot programmes to be implemented under the CRISSCROSS project. It is hoped that this report will be a useful resource to promote the denormalisation of gender stereotypes and to inform the implementation of good practice in preventing and responding to gender-based violence in nightlife.

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