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Ethics and quality

For ABD, people comes first, therefore, ethics and quality in every action should prevail above any other issue.

Ethics Committee

We ensure respect for people’s rights, within and outside the organisation, including the promotion of democratic values, ethical strengthening of civil society and good behavior in supporting drug users and family members. At the same time, we accompany people in all procedures, considering them not only as recipients, but also as active agents in the service management and their own well-being. In order to ensure their implementation, we have an Ethics Code, available for social intervention, as well as, several audits of all the projects and services we carry out.

ABD Ethics Committee is registered in the Social Services Ethics Committee of the Generalitat de Catalunya (General Council of Catalonia)

To ensure compliance, we have a common Code of Ethics for social intervention and we annually pass Quality Audits of our projects and services.

The development of an increasingly complex society, in which individuals enjoy more freedom to decide on the way they want to live, forces us to deepen the reflection of ethical and moral aspects related to our action.

It can be said that is essential the existence of organizations specialisated in deliberation on the most problematic issues, in order to guarantee the dignity of people, their well-being and respect for their autonomy and privacy.

Quality commission

In order to maintain and improve the quality of the services provided, ABD has a quality commission that puts into operation a series of quality assurance and transparency systems in the management of the entity.

ABD works based on a management system that conforms to the UNE-EN-ISO-9001 standard. This system is a basic tool to continuously improve the quality of the services provided, to meet the requirements of our clients and users, legal requirements and other requirements applicable to our activity and to ensure the good governance of the entities that are part of the group.

ABD has adopted the necessary means so that the quality policy in terms of nests is understood, applied and kept up to date. To do so, training and information sessions are held, and the documentation corresponding to our management system is disseminated.

Equality policy

We are committed to the implementation and defense of the Equality Policies between women and men.

Within our organization, actions and improvements are applied specifically aimed at equal treatment and opportunities between professionals and the conciliation of work and personal life.

These and other objectives are worked within the Diversity Management Agreement signed with CCOO in 2009 and that in 2011 we expanded and ratified with the signing of the Diversity Charter, a European initiative that is part of the anti-discrimination directives adopted in 2000.

This year we have renewed adherence to this letter / code of commitment to the principles of the European Commission on equality, inclusion and diversity.

“ABD has established itself over the years thanks to the strong conviction that only through coherence, ethics, and honesty can we set an example and, in this manner, expand our social transformation model.”

Àngels Guiteras: ABD Manager.

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