Pont de Suert Civic Center

The Pont de Suert Civic Center is a community center aimed at promoting citizen participation, personal and community development, as well as fostering coexistence and social inclusion.

The main objective is to empower individuals and entities in the area, providing them with the opportunity to actively participate in the civic and social life of the community. Through various activities and programs, the aim is to stimulate association, promote a culture of volunteering, and encourage citizen participation.

What do we offer?

Throughout the year, we organize a wide variety of activities open to all ages and groups. These activities may include workshops, conferences, exhibitions, training courses, cultural events, leisure activities, and much more. The goal is to provide options for personal development, learning, fun, and social interaction.

We have specific programs aimed at the younger population, such as activities for children and teenagers. These programs seek to promote social inclusion through the use of new information and communication technologies, as well as promote values such as solidarity, respect, and active participation in the community.

We offer spaces for non-profit civic and social entities to develop their own programs and activities. These entities can request the use of the facilities, as long as they adhere to the rules and availability of the center.

ABD is also responsible for the Management and Facilitation Service of activities at the Pont de Suert Civic Center.


Carrer del Doctor Saura, 25520 El Pont de Suert, Lleida


Telf. 97 36 90 074

Service managed with:

Civic Casal Pont de Suert

Pont de Suert Civic Center, a community center for civic action under the Government of Catalonia.

Generalitat de Catalunya

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