Delivery of the winning diploma to the nursing home and day care center Sant Pere Claver

In the Sant Pere Claver Residence and Day Center, ABD has reorganized the work system in order to achieve a Center Free of Restraints. This means that no type of physical restraint is used, understood as physical restraint: the limitation of a person’s freedom of movement, or their physical activity, or the normal access to any part of their body, with any external physical method applied. over it, or adjacent to it, from which it can not be released easily.

This care policy translates into clear benefits for the people served as the restraints have clear negative consequences such as loss of cognitive functions, physical functioning, loss of continence, loss of skin integrity, loss of appetite (risk of malnutrition), etc. In centers free of restraints, a greater confidence of its users is perceived.

ABD received last year 2017 the Diploma of Accreditation of Center Free of Subjection by the Spanish Confederation of Organizations of Elderly – CEOMA.

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