A Dutch delegation visits the ABD programmes and services for elderly people in Barcelona

This is an exchange for good practices in the area of housing and care

This Friday, 5 November, a Dutch delegation of experts in the area of housing and care, coordinated by Coincide, will visit Barcelona to share best practice in these areas at European level. The delegation will meet representatives of the Welfare and Development Association ABD to learn about housing with services and house care projects and services and to know more about the implementation of new technologies and Community action in support of elderly people and in promoting autonomy and dignified ageing.

From ABD, will be participating in the meeting the manager of the entity, Àngels Guiteras; the director of the area of Promotion of Autonomy and dignified ageing, Fina Castaño; the coordinator of the Home Care Service, Laime Contreras; the coordinator of the health and senior policy projects, Mireia López; the coordinator of the international programs, Mireia Munté; the director of the Technical and Social Inclusion Department; and the director of the Sociosanitary Operational Unit and attached to Management, Pilar Rodríguez.

The delegation will also hold meetings with representatives of the administration in the fields of health, social care and social housing in Catalonia, as well as with other entities in the third sector.

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