COPE and HOPE. Social inclusion of migrant women victims of violence and human trafficking

The Cope and Hope project aims to generate rehabilitation models to promote inclusion and support migrant women victims of violence and human trafficking. This project will allow the analysis, implementation of pilots, capitalization, exchange and dissemination at local and EU level of good practices aimed at the socio-occupational inclusion of women suffering from this type of violence. The project, funded by the European Union’s Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund and coordinated by Fondazione Acra (IT), will be carried out from  February 2020 – January 2022 in partnership with the organizations Welfare and Development Association ABD and Consorzio Passepartout.
The human beings traffic is a complex and painful phenomenon involving minors and adults, and it is dramatically growing globally. Given its nature, it is extremely difficult to provide accurate data on victims of trafficking. Most of the official data available concern the cases reported or identified, which represent a minimal part of reality. 30.146 victims were registered in the 28 EU States over the three years 2010, 2011 and 2012, where 80% are female and 69% are trafficked for sexual exploitation.  According to the UN, Spain is one of the main destinations and also transit countries for human smuggling victims with sexual trafficking and exploitation aims in Europe. In Spain, around 45.000 women and children are involved in the business of prostitution and sexual exploitation. Most of them are women between 18-29 years old coming from Subsaharian african countries and more than 65% come from Nigeria. Considering this situation, the Cope and Hope project follows the suggestion done by the EU, about building capacities and disseminating best practices for detecting victims, and providing appropriate, gender-specific, and child-sensitive assistance. 
Main activities
  • Local training (Milan and Barcelona) of the staff involved in the project on gender-based violence and trafficking in women, legal, psychological and anthropological notions.
  • Creation of coordination and derivation procedures with the UTEH (Municipal Unit against Human Trafficking) and other collaborating organisations.
  • Intervention model focused on improving the employability of 30 migrant women victims of trafficking living in the Barcelona Metropolitan Area, offering an itinerary of personal, individual and safe empowerment to improve their skills, and access to labor market.
  • Workshops on sexuality and how to overcome the trauma of pregnancy or abortion.
  • Workshops in order to keep working on trauma through the arts and movement.
  • Individual and group language courses as a key element of the integration process.
  • External courses taught by certified professionals.
  • Preparation of a report that takes into account all the information gathered by identifying good practices and all key elements that emerge from the project.
  • Awareness campaign in Italy and Spain on human trafficking.
  • Final national event with the different target groups in Milan and Barcelona, ​​in order to share the results of the project. The event will also aim to present the report and share relevant experiences.


COPE and HOPE. Good practical approaches fostering social integration of migrant women victims of violence and human trafficking

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