Second Opportunity: Social Houses

These are temporary residential resources with socio-educational support for single people or families in a situation of social exclusion in a standardized environment. In order to achieve processes of social inclusion, housing is available that favor processes of improvement in the work, relational and educational environments. The aim is to promote, through temporary social housing, processes of personal and family empowerment, as well as the development of strategies to address the vulnerability situation.

Our purpose is to give the possibility to a Second Opportunity, which is why we offer a socio-educational support aimed at consolidating the necessary skills to achieve a fully autonomous life and ensure a positive coexistence with the environment.

On the occasion of the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty (October 17), we made this video to draw attention to the social risks of the loss of the home. Through the life of Álvaro – a fictitious name of a child who suffers a real case of loss of home – we present Second Opportunities.

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