The Welfare and Development Association reinforces its action with the incorporation of the slogan ‘For the world we want’

Through a participatory process, ABD’s team of professionals has created a short message that wants to represent the unique spirit of the organization

After months of work, the ABD Welfare and Development Association ABD presents slogan ‘For the world we want’. It is a brief message that will accompany the logo of the entity and the ABD Foundation and that aims to take another step in the recognition, identification and visibility of the activities carried out by the organization to reduce inequalities and the social and health vulnerability of the more than 100,000 people they serve each year.

Slogan has been created through a participatory process of the entity’s team of professionals through which more than 100 proposals have been evaluated. After a long period of work, a slogan has been chosen that wants to be aspirational, positive, inspiring, transversal, visionary, transformative and inclusive, values ​​that are part of the uniqueness of an entity with almost forty years of social commitment.

At a graphic level, slogan is integrated with the ABD logo with a handwritten typeface that refers to the activist and human spirit of the organization. The selected letter brings dynamism to the brand and emphasizes the commitment of the team of professionals and volunteers of the entity with the strengthening of people, groups and communities that suffer exclusion processes, enhancing their capacities and defending their rights. Finally, the exclamation highlights the gesture, as if it were the signing of a “pact”: the Welfare and Development Association works to make the world we want a reality.

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