A translation service is launched for forcibly displaced persons from Ukraine

The Directorate General for Migration, Refugees and Anti-Racism has launched the Translation Service for forcibly displaced persons from Ukraine (STU), a service created to meet the demand for translation services for displaced persons from the war in Ukraine, with the mission to support and provide translation tools and resources to professionals of public services of reference. The service became operational on September 1 and is managed by the Action, Welfare and Development Foundation FABD.

The STU includes:

  • Telematic translation service: by telephone or video-call
  • Document Translation Service
  • On-site translation service for individual and family activities in particularly complex and/or socially vulnerable situations.

Professional team

The Ukrainian Translation Service (STU in spanish) will be composed of: 

  • 1 coordinator
  • 4 qualified interpreters in charge of translations and evaluations.
  • 1 psychologist

How does it work?

The STU has an operating circuit that seeks to provide a quality translation, agile and adapted to the times and needs of the services and people from Ukraine served by the different administrations of Catalonia (local authorities and departments of the Generalitat). It also provides for the monitoring and evaluation of all activities and of the process itself.

Initially, an initial list of validated users who will be able to use the STU will be drawn up. Thus, the STU will mainly serve the following profiles:

  • Persons referred by the reception and/or migration policy technicians of the municipalities of each territory.
  • Persons referred from other services of the Generalitat (DGAIA, Health Department, etc.).

Once validated, services must complete the authorized service registration form to register or use the service for the first time. To request a service, the technician of the authorized service will fill out an intervention request form where he/she will establish the type of service required, whether it is an ordinary or urgent request, the estimated duration of the service, the document to be translated if applicable, etc. Once the request has been received, the coordinator will schedule the intervention according to its urgency based on vulnerability criteria and will set the appointment.

The STU’s response to the request processed on an ordinary basis will be made within 24 hours (working days and within the service hours) following the receipt of the request.


An emergency circuit is also established for the following cases:

Urgency due to administrative situation: Administrative situation where the person assisted needs to manage a person needs to manage a relevant procedure that cannot wait the ordinary circuit of 3 days.

Emergency of social gravity: Exceptional, extraordinary and specific situation of social nature that requires rapid attention to avoid an aggravation of the state of vulnerability and lack of protection of the person or a supervening situation of natural, climatic, health, terrorist, etc. emergency.

Mental health emergency or danger to physical integrity: A situation that requires immediate attention because the person’s physical or mental health is compromised or the psychological or emotional functions are altered in such a way that it is incapacitating to develop normally and requires immediate professional assistance.

In this case, the response from the STU will be made within 3 hours of receipt of the request, as long as it arrives within the established service hours.

Duration and schedules

The service will be active from September 1 to December 31, 2022.

The opening hours will be from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm Monday to Friday.

Contact: [email protected]

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