The Ukrainian Translation Service (STU in spanish) is a free translation service aimed at forcibly displaced persons from Ukraine, applicants for temporary protection in Catalonia, taking into account the situation of vulnerability that may involve their sudden arrival in our country and to receive the necessary accompaniment in the first steps and essential procedures to stay. The STU has the mission to support and provide translation tools and resources to professionals of the public services of reference.

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Service organization

The words of the professional and the person assisted will be translated in a neutral way so that they can communicate as fluently as possible, through a video call (Zoom or Google meet) or by telephone, where the person interested in receiving the interpretation can make use of the hands-free or 3-way call to make the intervention.

  • Specific instructions – Approximate duration 15 min.
  • Administrative procedures – Approximate duration 30 min.
  • Socio-educational intervention – Approximate duration 60 minutes
  • Socio-educational intervention in a complex situation – Approximate duration 120 min.


Translation of documentation from Catalan/Spanish into Ukrainian or vice versa of documents addressed to or from the administration, or for technical staff, to accompany the intervention process.
This service is intended to support the intervention process for the users.
for this reason it does not include sworn translations of legal or official documents.

This service is reserved for specific cases in which presence is essential to promote good communication and prevent misunderstandings between the parties. A prior assessment will be made by the technical staff and a written justification of the need will be provided to the STU. The STU management team will be given as much time as possible (3-4 days) to organize the travel of the interpreting staff in the locality or demanding service.

The STU response to the demand processed with a need of an ordinary nature will be made within 24 hours (working days and within the service hours) from the receipt of the demand.

Professional team

The Translation Service of Ukraine (hereinafter STU) will consist of:

  • 1 coordinating person in charge of: coordinating the service; the management of
    requests and prioritization of urgent ones; the planning of the agendas of the translators; the evaluations.
  • 4 qualified interpreters in charge of carrying out translations and evaluations.
  • 1 psychologist who will provide emotional support to the professional team.

Service operating circuit

In order to correctly dimension the service and avoid collapse, attention will be prioritized by access route. In this regard, an initial list of validated users who will be able to use the STU will be drawn up. Thus, the STU will mainly serve the following profiles:

  • People referred by the reception technicians and/or migration policies of the City Councils of each territory.
  • People referred by other Generalitat services (DGAIA, Department of Health, etc.).
    Health, etc.).

The STU coordinator together with the DGMRA team will determine which local authorities can use the service and validate them as users by drawing up a list of validated users. Local entities can use the service and will validate them as users by drawing up a list of validated users. Each validated user, when registering or using the service for the first time, will have to fill out the Authorized Service Registration Form.

Once the user has been discharged, the care will begin with the completion of the Intervention Request Form by the discharged reception technician.

In the Request Form, the host technical person will establish the type of service required: group telematic/telephonic translation, individual telephone/telematic translation, non-juridical translation of documents and/or face-to-face translation. It will also determine whether it is an ordinary or emergency translation. At the same time, the form will also ask the host technician to specify the estimated duration of the service in 15, 30, 60 and 120 minute slots.

For document translation, the number of pages, the original language of the document and the language in which the translation is required (from Ukrainian to Catalan/Spanish and vice versa) will be determined. The document to be translated shall be attached to the request form.

At the same time, the form will contain the contact details of the user and will determine whether or not the service coordinator will have to make a call to arrange the intervention.

The emergency priorities will be established by the STU professional coordinator, who will manage the agenda of the interpreters based on availability, suitability and different criteria for monitoring the case.

Once the intervention request form has been received, it will be managed by the STU coordinator, who will contact the technical receptionist and will schedule the intervention according to its urgency based on vulnerability criteria, acting as a first filter before referring it internally to the translators.

In the case of interpersonal translations, the STU coordinator will send a confirmation email to the municipal technical reception professional or from another department of the Generalitat, specifying the type of intervention, the assigned translator, the user and the date, attaching the link to the video call or the place where the intervention will be carried out (in case it is face-to-face):

In case it is necessary to reschedule the translation due to unavailability at the proposed times, the coordinator will send an email with new date proposals.

In this regard, in the event that multiple interventions are carried out with the same user, the service coordinator will ensure that the same translator is maintained.

The ordinary response time will be 24 hours following receipt of the Intervention Request Form and provided that it is received within the established service hours.

Once each intervention has been carried out, the technical reception staff or the department of the Generalitat that, as the authorized service, has made the request, will receive an e-mail with a google form containing the Intervention Request Form. This form will contain an evaluation of the translation and other relevant data. Once returned, the coordinator will enter it in the STU management Excel.

In relation to the emergencies that may be detected:
– The Intervention Request Form will also be filled out specifying the need for urgent intervention, which will receive a response within 3 hours of receipt of the request, provided that it is within the opening hours from 9 am to 2 pm.- Appointments will be made by appointment as far as possible, although emergencies will be prioritized and scheduled by the prioritized and scheduled by the service coordinator, according to their vulnerability and socio-emotional context.

Type of emergencies:

  • Urgency due to administrative situation: Administrative situation where the person assisted needs to manage a relevant procedure that cannot wait for the ordinary 3-day circuit.
  • Urgency due to social gravity: Exceptional, extraordinary and punctual situation of social nature that requires rapid attention to avoid an aggravation of the state of vulnerability and lack of protection of the person or a situation of natural, climatic, health, terrorist, etc. emergency.
  • Mental health or physical integrity emergency: A situation requiring immediate attention in which the physical or mental integrity of the person is threatened or in which the psychological or emotional functions are altered in such a way that it is incapacitating for the person’s development.
    that it is incapacitating to develop normally and needs immediate professional assistance.

Two telematic translations per week will be chosen at random and the coordinator will enter them for a few minutes to check that they are being done correctly and that everything follows the quality standards set.

Once the service has been carried out, the interpreter will collect the translation data in a form that will be sent to the service coordinator and with the compilation of all the translations, monthly reports will be prepared and will be used for the evaluation and continuous improvement of the service. The coordinator will send this form to the professional, who will save it in a computer support and will also record the data in the excel management excel.

This form will contain: data of the user, data of the service for which the translation has been done, information on the duration and modality of the translation, if the translation has not been done, the reason for this fact, evaluation of the intervention, evaluation of the emotional situation of the user, signatures of the translator and the contracting professional.

In order to have a measuring instrument to evaluate the emotional situation of the people that the service will serve, 3 detectors will be incorporated.
The service will be staffed by 3 detectors, which will be finalized with a psychologist specialized in migrants. In this way, at the moment of closing the service, it will be possible to elaborate statistics on the need for care and emotional support of the Ukrainian population.

Information and schedules

The Ukrainian Translation Service (STU in spanish) is coordinated by the Directorate General for Migration, Refugees and Antiracism of the Secretariat for Equal Opportunities of the Department of Equality and Feminisms of the Generalitat de Catalunya and managed by the Action, Welfare and Development Foundation FABD.

It is expected to last until December 2022 and will be open from Monday to Friday from 9:00 am to 2:00 pm.

For more information about the service, please contact: [email protected] or call 687217109.

Ukrainian Translation Service

The Ukrainian Translation Service (STU in spanish) is a free translation service for forcibly displaced persons from Ukraine whose mission is to support and provide translation tools and resources to professionals of public reference services.

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