EU3Digital. Developing a strategic European framework for digital competences for Third Social Sector organisations

The main goal of the EU3Digital is to empower Third Social Sector (TSS) organisations through digitalization. EU3Digital will develop a European Framework of Digital Competences (FDC) for Third Social Sector organisations and social enterprise leaders and professionals. The project will also promote online & offline training materials for professionals to assess their digital skills, and gather pre-existing training materials on TSS competences through an open-access online Knowledge Centre. EU3Digital will share its learnings in a Policy Paper, presenting to the European Commission what is important to know about digital skills in the European third sector.

The project, funded by the Erasmus+ KA204 Programme, and coordinated by Eslider Portugal (PT), will be carried out from November 2020 – April 2023 in partnership with the organizations Asociación Bienestar y Desarrollo ABD (SP), The Open University (UK), Universidade do Porto (PT), Volonterski centar Osijek (Croatia), Euclid Network (BE).

Needs assessment

Digital technologies are developing fast and offer tremendous opportunities to Third Social Sector organisations and social enterprises (SE). Not only can digital technologies help in marketing, awareness-raising and fundraising, they also enable efficient governance and internal communication as well as innovative ways to reach target groups and deliver social impact. In the recent COVID-19 context, the need for their effective and efficient use by TSS & SE is more pressing than ever before, as it is crucial for their impact and sustainability.

Although initiatives are being developed to support a variety of target groups in developing digital skills and competencies, such as the DigComp framework for European Citizens, no tailored programmes or learning materials are available specifically for third sector and social enterprise leaders & professionals.

Main activities

  • Creation of the Framework of competences for digital skills for Third Social Sector organisations. The framework will be developed based on extensive research on digital needs and skills in the Third Social Sector through questionnaires and focus groups in 5 EU countries (Spain, Netherlands, UK, Portugal and Croatia)
  • Creation of a Kit of tools and methodologies for Third Social Sector Organisations & Social Enterprises to build customized contingency plans that promote effective inter-sectoral collaboration
  • Curricula design and assessment of training: design and development of effective instructional programs which will include activities, both online and offline
  • 6 Short-term joint staff training events: Exchange training and assessment of digital skills. Pilot training will be conducted across the partner countries (Spain, Netherlands, UK, Portugal and Croatia)
  • Creation of the Policy Paper | Digital Support for Social Impact: how digital competences can improve the action and impact on the third sector
  • Final Event: EU3Digital Conference in the Hague.

EU3 Digital

Digital competences for adult education organisations. The main goal of the EU3Digital is to empower Third Social Sector (TSS) organisations through digitalization.

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