Cut All Ties. Innovation to foster critical thinking tackling gender-based violence on youth affective sexual relationships

The Cut All Ties project aims to raise awareness, prevent and reduce gender-based violences to raise awareness, prevent and reduce GBV among 14-17 years old youngsters. To do that, a Capacity-Building Training program based on gamification will be designed and implemented in six high-schools of Barcelona, Madrid and Milan.

The project is funded by the European Commission (REC Programme) and coordinated by the Welfare and Development Association ABD. It will take place between January 2021 and January 2023 in partnership with the organizations Fondazione Acra and Citibeats.


The first EU macro-survey on GBV carried out by the EU Agency FRA in 2014, observed that 1 in 3 women experienced GBV by the age of 15 regardless of their socio-economic background or country. Evidence noticed that intimate partner violence (IPV) among adults begins in adolescence and moreover according to FRA 2014 survey, 67% of girls/women did not report serious incidents of IPV.

Taking into account this situation, Cut All Ties aims at tackling violence in the first sexual-affective relationships among 14-17 years old youngsters, which can include different types of sexual, physical and emotional/psychological violence.

Main activities

The activities the Consortium will implement to reach the project objectives are:

  • Research among the partner countries (Italy and Spain) to identify 10 good practices to prevent GBV among youngsters and specifically in the first sexual-affective relationships
  • 200.000 data collection through the creation of a Transnational Artificial Intelligence text analytics platform to identify anonymously pressing social problems related to GBV and first sexual-affective relationships of youngsters and the general public of Barcelona, Madrid and Milan 
  • Design of a Capacity-Building Training (C-BT) in 6 high- schools to support preventing and identifying GBV in youth early affective-sexual relationships.
  • Creation of 6 groups of young feminists that once trained, will lead the actions in the selected institutes.
  • Validation of the C-BT in the different high-schools, training 120 youngsters and 120 teachers.
  • European raise-awareness campaign: more than 200 awareness actions developed by youngsters to prevent GBV in youth sexual-affective relationships through the The Social Coin methodology, a chain of actions with a social impact.
  • Transnational Impact Evaluation of the effectiveness of the pilot in changing social norms/behaviours of youngsters.
  • National and European dissemination campaign which includes the creation of a network of stakeholders and project advisors, national conferences and a European seminar.
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Cut All Ties

Cut All Ties. Innovation to foster critical thinking tackling gender-based violence on youth affective sexual relationships.

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