International Learning and Training activities and local workshops, main actions of Fashion for Inclusion in 2022

The European project Fashion For Inclusion, which aims to promote the social and labor inclusion of migrants and refugees at the European level, continues its journey.

Learning, Teaching and Training Activities

During 2022, three International Learning, Teaching and Training Activities (LTTA) were carried out in Barcelona, Bologna, and Athens. The objective of the LTTA is that Vocational Education and Training professionals and volunteers gain experience in the topics of sewing, upcycling, fashion and design, and test the quality and effectiveness of the Training material produced in the framework of the project. 

The first LTT, hosted by ABD & BAU, was focused on Fashion & Design Learning Pathway and based on Mamalyona’s project experience; the second one, hosted by MondoDonna, was focused on Sewing and Dressmaking Learning Pathway and based on Social Chic’s project experience; and the third and last one, hosted by Iasis, was focused on Upcycling Clothing and based on the best practice Fabric Republic. The daily activities of each LTT were published on the social networks of the project (Facebook and Instagram).

Local Workshops

After each LTTA, the professionals have applied the knowledge acquired in different Local Workshops in their territories (Athens, Brussels, Barcelona, Bologna, Madrid), where they have worked with migrant and refugee populations interested in training. In these workshops, participants have tested some sessions of the Training Programme, such as Exploring Intercultural Sensitivity Approach through Creative Processes; Work Equipment and Materials (information on the use and maintenance of materials to produce tailoring items), or Eco-Jewelry and intercultural storytelling. Other examples of sessions implemented are related to Social Entrepreneurship, Expanding Job Opportunities and Intercultural Communication Skills, among others. The Local workshops have been implemented in 3 rounds in each territory and at the end of each one, participants have evaluated the sessions and the materials.

Fashion for Inclusion is funded by Erasmus+ SEPIE KA202 and coordinated by the Welfare and Development Association ABD, with IASISMindshiftCIEPSSFBAU and Mondo Donna as partner organisations.

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