Madrid’s Fuel Poverty Group is one year old!

After the experience generated in Barcelona and Andalusia, in October 2016 we started our Fuel Poverty group in Madrid.



We exceed goals

We were born from the union of two entities aware of the social and energy transformation that society needs: ABD Associació de Bienestar y Desarrollo and the association Ecoserveis. We conform a network of people and heterogeneous organisations involved in a challenge: the # RedFPG.

This year, with the support of the ECODES Foundation and Obra Social La Caixa, we join the Xarxa estatal de voluntariat contra la pobresa energètica, giving continuity to our vision, that seeks to alleviate situations of precariousness and vulnerability related to energy consumption.

The benefits of these alliances have an impact on people. This is how they allowed us:

  • Participate in 16 spaces or community conferences for dissemination.
  • Do more than 40 meetings for the presentation of the project.
  • Host, train and coordinate a team of more than 20 volunteers.
  • Reach more than 500 people informed, trained and advised in our workshops, information points (fixed and mobile), days and addresses.

Of course the complexity to tackle energy poverty continues.
Various solutions require partnerships with various agents as well.

Are you in?

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