November 25th: International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women

Histories of truncated illusions and reconstructed maps, of non-exit roads,  and new maps full of enthusiasm, with wet paper in tears, of regenerated earth, of sensitivity turned into vulnerability and of friendly hands that celebrate this sensibilityto become stronger…

On the International Day against Gender Violence, as SIO professionals,  there are many things we would like to say in the light of all these everyday stories. However, this time we will give space to those, who for a long time, have not been able to make their voice heard, or if they have done so they have been punished. In the Plaça de la Vila in Sant Feliu we will meet those women who want to come and listen to the Manifesto against gender violence, and from 12.30 we will install an open micro for free expression and poetry reading.

If you, as a person, feel compelled to join us, we will be waiting for you. We still have a lot to fight for. To encourage the spirit in this fight, here we share some of the words of Sofia, one of the surviving warriors that is making their way through the SIE:

“I learned that until I did not reconcile myself with my loneliness I would not go forward. I almost destroyed myself. At some point the fight was with myself, and I chose to live. I do not like to consider myself as a victim. I went, and I needed support … but then I needed and wanted to be a survivor. The victims are unfortuntely those who are no longer with us. But I am here, and every day is a new opportunity to live”.


By Isabel Pastor
Psychologist-Women’s Psychotherapist
Specialized intervention in Gender-based Violence service in Baix LLobregat (S.I.E)


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