We present the manual "We make a deal?"

The manual Do we make a deal? Good treatment and aging arises from the will of ABD to generate strategies to resurface the values ​​of good treatment and respect for people as they age. Along with the preparation of the manual, workshops are held in different educational centers and various intergenerational activities. The workshops creat spaces for dialogue where aging is placed at the center of the conversations with the students and, through their opinions and experiences, two conclusions are reached:

– The conception of aging must be changed as a more effective prevention measure against the various forms of edatism (discrimination based on age).

– Age should not be a limit in our social relationships. It is necessary, more than ever, solidarity between generations to live in a society based on respect for diversity and good treatment for all people, whatever their personal condition.

The people participating in Let’s make a deal? They have made a sincere and conscious deal: Respect people as they get older, loving all the life stages and the different ways of living them to achieve a healthier and more dignified aging for all.

 If you want to hire some workshops contact to [email protected] or call to 93 289 05 30

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