Shelter for people living with HIV and in a situation of exclusion and extreme marginality.

The Shelter House has been in operation since 1993. It is a residential resource that has capacity for 8 people that is offered as an alternative and temporary home for people who need support to stabilize their health situation and / or to be able to insert themselves socially. It is a resource that guarantees a comprehensive service and encourages group coexistence with the active participation of users, both in the practical aspects of the operation of the resource and in the process of personal change itself. The time spent in the resource is limited and may vary depending on the objectives, status and process of each person; that is decided by common agreement and is subject to constant changes to assess the reality of each person and the quality of care by the professional team. During the time that the person remains in the resource all the skills that will accompany him towards the achievement of full autonomy are worked. Communication is promoted as a form of conflict resolution, self-control guidelines are facilitated, self-management is favored in medical follow-up, education in the field of health to achieve adherence to treatment, personal hygiene habits are promoted, Sociability and respect for the rest of people, responsibility is reinforced, planning time is helped and social and professional insertion is encouraged.