[SEPASM – ABD] Specialised service for the promotion and attention of Mental Health – This service is not free

In the service you will find a multidisciplinary team formed by a doctor, psychologist and psychiatrist who will work together and according to the patient’s needs. We offer attention to personal malaise and pathologies related to mental health such as: emotional problems, depression, anxiety disorders, stress, sleeping problems, physical and non-physical-organic origin issues, eating disorders, difficulties in adolescence, difficulties on impulse control.

And, orientation and specialised attention to population for drug use:

  • Guidance and advice regarding questions about consumables and / or substances
  • Attention to physical or mental health problems related to the use of substances
  • Attention for control loss when consuming substances
  • Comprehensive Attention on Addictions
  • “Chemsex” attention

If you are in a situation of discomfort that you can not solve, do not wait and ask for professional help.

Specialised Promotion and Attention of Mental Health – SEPASM
Paseo de la Dirección nº 69. Madrid.
Call to arrange a telephone interview. +34 664.40.70.40
Email: [email protected]