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ABD have attended 118,035 people during 2019

The global emergency created by the Covid-19 pandemic has reoriented all our efforts to respond to this health, social and economic crisis The Annual Report and Social Balance of the Welfare and Development Association ABD is now available. Once again, we stand firm in our intention to contribute to the strengthening of individuals, groups and […]


Shelter for people living with HIV and in a situation of exclusion and extreme marginality. The Shelter House has been in operation since 1993. It is a residential resource that has capacity for 8 people that is offered as an alternative and temporary home for people who need support to stabilize their health situation and […]

Home Care Services

There are many people perfectly capable of living an almost autonomous life if they receive personalized and specific attention and support, adapted to the moment, to the context and to the concrete need. A great team of professionals work for the permanence of the person in their environment, and we contribute, from the proximity, to […]

Psychological and Socio-Educational Services

The Psychological and Socio-Educational Services Department of the City Council of Madrid is aimed at adults who have a social or social exclusion situation in the Salamanca District, and whose main objective is to prevent social exclusion through the The execution of preventative, rehabilitative and rehabilitative actions so that they can improve their living conditions and […]

Intercultural Translation and Mediation Service

We want to delve into community action and mediation as a methodology to address and prevent conflicts. We should not wait for the conflict to explode to get our hands on the work. We want to work for a better coexistence today and make participation and integration the motor of more cohesive communities. With this […]

Alta Ribagorça’s Residence and Day Center (Pont de Suert, Lleida) 

ABD manages Alta Ribagorça’s Residence  and Day Center (Pont de Suert, Lleida) public ownership of the Generalitat de Catalunya. Assisted Residence is a permanent or temporary residential shelter service and comprehensive assistance to daily life activities for elderly people with dependencies. It  provides services 24 hours a day every day of the year. It also has a […]